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Hall-Effect Switches for Automotive, Industrial and Consumer Applications

Source: | Publishing Date:2010/06/07

The Hall Switches portfolio of Infineon comprises unipolar and omnipolar switches and bipolar latches covering a wide range of applications such as position sensing, index counting, BLDC motor control, etc. Those devices show excellent accuracy and robustness against electrical disturbances. Features like: voltage interface (open drain), two wire current interface, double latch for speed and rotation direction detection , etc are also available. The devices are available in tiny SMD packages and slim leaded packages in order to provide high flexibility in design.


In order to offer maximum scalability, several product families are available: the TLE49x6 family (and its predecessor the TLE49x5 family) for automotive applications (e.g. seat position, gear stick position, buckle switch state, etc.), the TLI for industrial systems and the Value Optimized TLV family for consumer applications. Additionally, thanks to its low power capability, the TLE491x family is ideally suited for mobile applications (laptops, mobile phones, etc).




Key Feature


Chopped Hall probes

  • High sensitivity and high stability of magnetic switching points
  • Low Jitter

Different packages

  • Available in both leaded and SMD package

Stress compensation

  • High resistance to mechanical stress by active error compensation

Temperature compensation

  • Superior temperature stability
  • Sensor module can deliver same outputs regardless
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