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ATS665LSGTN-T Gear Tooth Sensor! Package 4-Lead Module! Hot offer!

Source: | Publishing Date:2007/10/23

Part No.】   ATS665LSGTN-T
【Category】 Gear-Tooth Sensors
【Packing】   4-Lead Module
【MFQ】        ALLEGRO
【Datasheet】ATS665LSGTN-T Datasheet

True Zero-Speed Hall-Effect Adaptive Gear-Tooth Sensors

Pin-Out or Package

Features and Benefits


The ATS665LSG is an optimized Hall IC/magnet configuration packaged as a module that provides a user-friendly solution for digital gear-tooth-sensing applications. This digital differential Hall-effect sensor is the choice when repeatability and timing accuracy count. The module incorporates patented self-calibration circuitry that nulls out the effects of installation air gap, ambient temperature, and magnet offsets to provide superior timing accuracy with symmetrical targets over large operating air gaps — typical of targets used in speed-sensing automotive transmission applications. The self-calibration at power up keeps the performance optimized over the life of the sensor. The ATS665LSG has an open-collector output for direct digital interfacing with no further signal processing required.

The integrated circuit incorporates a dual-element Hall-effect sensor and signal processing that switches in response to differential magnetic signals created by a ferrous target. The circuitry contains a sophisticated digital circuit to eliminate the detrimental effects of magnet and system offsets and to achieve true zero-speed operation. Digital processing of the analog signal provides zero-speed performance independent of air gap and also dynamic adaptation of device performance to the typical operating conditions found in automotive applications (reduced vibration sensitivity). High-resolution, peak detecting DACs are used to set the switching thresholds; hysteresis reduces the negative effects of any anomalies in the magnetic signal associated with the target.

This sensor’s ability to provide tight duty cycle at high speeds and over a wide temperature range makes it ideal for transmission and industrial speed applications. The ATS665 is available in the SG package in the automotive temperature range, -40° to 150° (L).

Functional Block Diagram

Functional Block Diagram

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