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Main product of Sumzi Electronic Co.Ltd

Source:Sumzi | Publishing Date:2007/07/30

unipolar switches
Allegro: A3141A3142, A3143, A3144, A3121, A1101, A1102, A1103, A1104, A1106, A3240, A3245,
Honeywell: SS441A, SS443A, SS541AT, SS543AT
AKE :EW450, EW550,EW460, EW560
Melexis: US5881
bipolar Hall-effect switch Allegro: A3134, A1201, A1202, A1203, A1204,
Honeywell: SS40ASS413A, SS411A, SS513AT, SS511AT
Hall-Effect Latches
Allegro: A3187, A3188, A3195A3280, A3281, A3209,,A1210, A1211, A1212,A1213,A1214
Honeywell: SS461A, SS466A, SS561A, SS566A
Melexis: US1881, US2881
AKE :EW512, EW732EW632, EW432, EW412, EW510,EW410, EW502, EW402

Hall Effect Sensors

Allegro: A1302UGN3503, A1321, A1322, A1323, A3515, A3518
Honeywell: SS495, SS495A, SS495A1 ,SS496B,SS496A,SS496A1
Melexis: MLX90242LUA
Other sensor

Hall-Effect Direction Detection Sensor
Allegro: A3422, A3425,
gear-tooth sensors
Allegro: A3046, A3046LUUGS3060KA, UGS3060,
Infineon: TLE49215U,TLE4921
Melexis: MLX90217LUA, MLX90217
Micropower, Ultra-Sensitive Hall-Effect Switches
Allegro: A3212EUA, A3212ELHLT, A3212EEHLT,A3213, A3214, A3210
Melexis: MLX90248
GaAs Hall component 
AKE :HG106A, HG106C
InSb High Sensitivity Hall Sensor 
AKE :HW101A, HW105A, HW108A, HW108C, HW300B,HW302B,HW109A
compounding gear-tooth sensors
Allegro: ATS611, ATS612, ATS640, ATS660, ATS665, ATS674
Hall current sensor
Allegro: ACS704 (5A, 15A), ACS706 (20A),  ACS750(50A-150A), ACS752, ACS754,ACS755, ACS712 Honeywell: CSNE151-100

motor driveIC PWM  Motor Driver
Allegro: A3955, A3957, A3958, A3959, A3966, A3967, A3968, A3972, A3973, A3977, A3979, A3980, A3983, A3984, UDN2916L6219,A3986,A3988, A3901
SANKEN: SPI7210M,SPI7215M,SLA7024M, SLA7026M, SLA7027MU, SLA7042M, SLA7044M, SLA7062M, SLA7060M, SPI6915,SLA7032M, SLA7033M, SLA7052M, SLA7070M, SLA7078M, SLA7050M,SLA7051M, SLA7075M
ST: L6219DS, L6219, PB3717A, L293, L297, L298
Fairchild: FAN8200DTF, FAN8200MTCX
Sanyo: LB1836M,LB1838M,LB11696V
JRC: NJM3771D2, NJM3771
Brushless DC motors Driver
Allegro: A3932, A3933, A3935, A3936, UDN2936, A3938, A8904
NJRC: , NJM2624AM, NJM2625, NJM2626
Curent Motor Driver IC:TOSHIBA: TA8428K(S)

other hot sircuit

Printer Pin Driver
Sanken:  STA401A, STA403A, STA413A, STA471A, STA475ASMA4032
Atomizationer Humidifier
SANKEN:  2SC3834, 2SC38352SC4153, 2SC6011A, 2SC3263
SANKEN:   2SC4064 
Sanken: SMA5132, SMA5118SMA5133, SLA5075, SLA5060, SLA5064
Dalinton Triode Array
Sanken: SMA6080, SMA6010, STA304A, STA305A
HID Light driver
SANKEN: SLA2403M, SMA2409M, SMA2410M
IR: IRF840, IRF730, IRF630
IPM module
SANKEN: SMA6802MS, SMA6803M ,SMA6805M,SMA1100M,SMA1106M,SMA1003M,SMA1004M
Single Chip Micyoco(SCM) and Other circuit:PHILIPS PCF series、Microchip PIC series 、Freescale MC908 series、TDAseries、74series, 4000 series and so on.
We have the parts in stock.
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